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doctors for choice

Doctors for Choice UK are a group of UK-based clinicians (doctors, nurses, and students) who campaign for abortion rights and reproductive justice. They campaign for the extension of abortion rights within the current legal framework, whilst also working towards the full decriminalisation of abortion. DfCUK has also worked to improve education for medical students and teach about abortion and contraception in secondary schools across the UK.

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my body my life logo and link

My Body My Life’ is a public engagement project that seeks to address the stigma around abortion by bringing real stories of abortion into the open. By creating a space in which everyone can share their stories, the project contributes to opening up conversations about real experiences of abortion – positive and negative – to enable us all to speak, to listen, and to understand without judgment.

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The Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS) logo and link

The Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS) is a qualitative secondary analysis study which collated and reexamined data from a decade of studies on abortion in the UK. Their work addresses abortion stigma and considers how to move the conversation from stigma to normalisation

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Our partners

We work closely with some fantastic organisations who are also destigmatising abortion through advocacy, education, improving care and storytelling.

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