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Provider Support Workshop

Duration: from one hour – full day| Delivery: in person or online | Number of participants: up to 30 per session | Price: from £300 | Recommended for: Abortion care providers

Abortion providers work in a stigmatised area of healthcare. Though 1 in 3 women in the UK access abortion care, this vital service is often devalued. Provider teams can feel marginalised in healthcare services.


This workshop uses the Providers Share Workshop method. It creates a space for healthcare professionals to explore the rewards and challenges of working in this field. This includes emotional aspects of their work and the impact of abortion stigma on their well-being and on patient care.


This workshop has been created for teams working within abortion services and clinics. It is suitable for both clinical and non-clinical team members providing abortion services. It is also suitable for wider SRH teams and those who make abortion referrals.

What is the Providers Share Workshop (PSW) Method?

A Providers Share Workshop (PSW) gives abortion care workers the time to think about the rewards and challenges of their work. It was developed by academics in the USA. PSW encourages people working in abortion care to share their experiences of stigma. Creative and storytelling activities are used to reflect, communicate, and build a team connection. It has been shown to reduce the negative impact of stigma within provider teams and improve self-worth. 

Find out more about Providers Share Workshops research.

Why Choose this Workshop?


  • To affirm the value of providers.

  • To celebrate teams providing excellent care.

  • To support those committed to abortion care-related work.

  • To help create connections with colleagues.

  • To discuss challenging areas of provider’s work.

  • To share the latest research in abortion stigma.

  • To explore how abortion stigma is impacting the service.

  • To develop ways to counteract abortion stigma.

  • To improve the general wellbeing of participants.

  • To improve patient care.


Workshop Costs


1 hour Workshop

2 hour Workshop

Half Day Workshop

Full Day Workshop






* With additional travel expenses if arranging a face-to-face workshop.

Want to book an Abortion Talk workshop? 

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