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Face-to-face and online workshops for healthcare professionals, healthcare students, abortion advocates and community groups

About Abortion Talk Workshops

Are you a team leader in an abortion service who has noticed how stigma affects your team?

Do you want to improve your team’s morale? Or are you a GP or nurse who wants to know more about abortion care? Maybe you’re a community leader who wants to make your group a welcoming space for people to talk about abortions. You could be a healthcare commissioner or policy maker who has noticed stigmatising language when abortion services are talked about at work.

Abortion Talk workshops bring abortion conversations to community and professional settings. Our workshops support and train healthcare professionals, students, abortion advocates, and community groups. Our workshops can transform how people listen, understand, respond, and connect to abortion conversations in their work or day-to-day life and improve healthcare providers confidence and skills. We also offer bespoke modules to meet your needs.

Our workshop prices range from £300 for a 1 hour session to £1500 for a full day. 

Is an Abortion Talk Workshop for me?

Our workshops are for anyone who wants to:

  • Develop their understanding of UK abortion law and provision.

  • Widen their knowledge of what abortion stigma is and how to counteract it.

  • Understand the importance of a comprehensive abortion service.

  • Gain confidence talking about abortion with colleagues and in public.

  • Reflect on their values around abortion and resolve values conflicts.

  • Reflect on the challenges and rewards of their work in abortion care.

  • Improve team morale and commitment to abortion care.

  • Widen their knowledge of respectful abortion care and decision-making support.

  • Continue their professional development in abortion care.


We know it’s difficult to bring a large team or group together for a workshop. That’s why we offer online or face-to-face workshops. We also have a choice of workshop lengths from 1 – 2 hours, to a half day, or a full day workshop. Our workshops can be stand alone, or part of ongoing progression workshops for your team or group

With Every Workshop Abortion Talk Provide:
  • Trained and experienced Abortion Talk facilitators.

  • Well-researched and effective approaches to discussing abortion stigma and providing abortion care.

  • The latest research on abortion stigma in the UK.

  • Workshops tailored to the needs and aims of the attendees.

  • A selection of workshop durations to suit the needs of the attendees.

  • An option of online or face-to-face delivery.

  • A rewarding experience.

Meet our Facilitators 

Abortion Talk workshops are led by our team of facilitators. Their specialisms include social research, clinical care, education and policy. Our facilitators are trained by Values Clarification for Action and Transformation (VCAT) and Providers Share Workshop (PSW) experts.

Want to book an Abortion Talk workshop? 

Get in touch to talk through your workshop needs with our team.

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