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Our Partners

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Doctors for Choice UK are a group of UK-based clinicians (doctors, nurses, and students) who campaign for abortion rights and reproductive justice. They campaign for the extension of abortion rights within the current legal framework, whilst also working towards the full decriminalisation of abortion. DfCUK has also worked to improve education for medical students and teach about abortion and contraception in secondary schools across the UK.

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The Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS) is a qualitative secondary analysis study which collated and reexamined data from a decade of studies on abortion in the UK. Their work addresses abortion stigma and considers how to move the conversation from stigma to normalisation


NUPAS (National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory Services) provides high quality, safe, effective termination of pregnancy, contraception and STI services. Working in this sector for over 40 years NUPAS are passionate about supporting women to make informed choices and ensuring they receive the support they need. Commissioned to provide NHS funded services from clinics across England.

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MSI Reproductive Choices is one of the leading independent providers of sexual and reproductive health services in the UK. They offer NHS-funded abortion and contraception services through their network of more than 60 clinics in England. You can live chat with advisors on their website.

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