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Talking About Abortion:
Abortion Advocates

Duration: from half day – full day| Delivery: in person or online | Number of participants: up to 20 per session | Price: from £750 | Recommended for: Advocates, Journalists, Media Professionals

This workshop trains participants to talk (and encourage others to talk) confidently about abortion. It specifically addresses how to deal with challenging and divisive topics surrounding abortion in various contexts and settings.


It is recommended for those engaged in advocacy, media and journalism, or any professional group that wants to improve their confidence to talk about abortion with colleagues or in public.

Why Choose this Workshop?


  • To improve your knowledge on UK abortion law.

  • To use UK abortion statistics effectively.

  • To develop strategies to counteract abortion-related stigma and microaggressions.

  • To deal constructively with conscientious objection.

  • To think strategically about the polarisation of abortion.

  • To use storytelling for narrative change.

  • To speak effectively to people whose values about abortion are not fixed .

  • To identify and prepare to speak about challenging or uncomfortable scenarios and subjects, e.g., telemedicine, time limits, later abortion, fetal anomaly, decriminalisation.

  • To prepare for formal and informal questions about these topics.


Workshop Costs


Half Day Workshop

Full Day Workshop




* With additional travel expenses if arranging a face-to-face workshop.

Want to book an Abortion Talk workshop? 

Get in touch to talk through your workshop needs with our team.

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