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Values and Behaviour Workshop for Community Groups

Duration: from half day – full day| Delivery: in person or online | Number of participants: up to 24 per session | Price: from £750 | Recommended for: Community groups, University Societies, Trade Unions.

Our values play a huge role in how we make decisions and act. In a community setting, the values of our leaders and peers can affect how supported people feel.


This workshop explores how beliefs and attitudes impact how we act towards others. The workshop will challenge abortion myths and negative behaviour towards people with abortion experiences. We give attendees time to understand their own values and resolve values conflicts.


These workshops use the Values Clarification for Action and Transformation (VCAT) method and is led by an Abortion Talk facilitator who is trained in VCAT workshop delivery. This workshop is made for community groups of mixed knowledge and views of abortion. It is suitable for those who are open to looking at their values and possibly changing their behaviour and actions. It is a great workshop for building groups of abortion advocates, campaigners and community support people.

What is the Abortion VCAT Method?


VCAT stands for Values Clarification for Action and Transformation. The Abortion VCAT method of training has been developed by IPAS, using theories and techniques of values clarification (VC). The World Health Organization recommends VC training for abortion providers. This is due to the impact that stigmatising beliefs and behaviours have on people accessing care. VCAT workshops look at how abortion myths and stigma stop people from getting the care and support they need.


Skilled facilitators are needed to deliver these kinds of workshops. Our facilitators are trained in IPAS’ Abortion VCAT method.

Find out more about the VCAT framework.

Why Choose this Workshop?

  • To reflect on and confirm your values.

  • To reflect on and challenge your views of abortions.

  • To build a group that understands each other’s values and commitments.

  • To consider consequences of when abortions are not available.

  • To become a supportive listener to those who share their abortion experiences with you.


Workshop Costs


Half Day Workshop

Full Day Workshop




* With additional travel expenses if arranging a face-to-face workshop.

Want to book an Abortion Talk workshop? 

Get in touch to talk through your workshop needs with our team.

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