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Abortion Conversations Workshops 

Duration: from 1 hour – full day | Delivery: in person or online | Number of participants: up to 30 per session | Price: from £300 | Recommended for: Community groups, University Societies, Trade Unions.

Abortion stigma can negatively impact people who want to talk about their experience. Many people worry how others will respond to abortion conversations.

This workshop covers:

  • The rewards and challenges of talking about abortion.

  • How to be the best support people we can be in our communities.


It’s recommended for community groups who want to reduce abortion stigma. It is also for Societies, Unions and workplaces.


Why Choose this Workshop?
  • To learn about the negative impacts of abortion stigma.

  • To learn how to reduce abortion stigma.

  • To reflect on your own views on abortion.

  • To build confidence to talk openly and respectfully about abortion.

  • To challenge abortion stigma issues affecting you and your community.

  • To become a supportive listener to those who share their abortion experiences with you.

Workshop Costs


1 hour Workshop

2 hour Workshop

Half Day Workshop

Full Day Workshop






* With additional travel expenses if arranging a face-to-face workshop.

Want to book an Abortion Talk workshop? 

Get in touch to talk through your workshop needs with our team.

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