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Your monthly gift will help us end abortion stigma - one conversation at a time

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Over 200,000 people have an abortion in England and Wales every year. One in three British women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Abortion is a common, safe and legal part of reproductive healthcare. People who have abortions often say that, after their procedure, their first feeling is gratitude or relief.


These are the facts, but we still see representations of abortion in the media and in public life that portray it as an unusual or even shameful experience. For the many people who have an abortion experience - whether they’ve looked for help to end a pregnancy, provided abortion care as a healthcare worker or supported someone they love to receive the care they need - this stigma can make abortion difficult to talk about.


We’re here to challenge the silence around abortion. We do it by creating safe spaces to talk about abortion, free from any worry about judgment or discrimination. Through our Talklines and workshops, we’re here to listen and provide support.


With your help, we can end abortion stigma. Donate today to help us support individuals, train healthcare professionals and lead conversations.

What your gift will do

£15 pays for our Talkine’s telephone line for one month

£30 pays for us to train one pro-choice volunteer to take calls and provide support

£50 pays for a community activist to attend one of our stigma-busting workshops

£100 would help us set up a new callback service, so that we can reach everyone who needs our support

Every week, 14 people call our Talkline in need of support. Help us reach them today

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