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Values clarification training

What are your underlying beliefs around abortion and how do they impact your actions?

The values and beliefs of the people who work in abortion care provision, policy and education, directly influences the access to and provision of services and the mitigation of abortion-related stigma.

To support this important work, we facilitate Values clarification and attitudes exploration training to give you the opportunity to sift through your own and others’ conscious and unconscious beliefs around abortion in a non-discriminatory and explorative space. This training gives you the opportunity to:

  • Challenge any stigma-based assumptions and myths

  • Clarify your values and potentially resolve any conflicting values

  • Reform your beliefs and attitudes, especially those that impact your behaviours or intentions

Our training can be tailored, for a half-day, one day or two day session as required.

Interested in organising a training for your team?   Contact us

Abortion Talk is a new charity breaking the silence around abortion by creating spaces for anyone affected by their experience to talk and receive the support they may want and need.

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