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Other Support Services

Whatever your needs at this stage in your abortion journey, here are a few resources from trusted organisations and charities to support you.

Whether tackling stigma is a professional or personal mission (or both), here are a few resources to help you on your way. 

Doctors for Choice

A group of doctors, nurses, and students from around the UK who campaign for abortion rights and reproductive justice. Become a member and join their stigma-busting, care-providing community. 

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The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma is a global network of advocates, healthcare providers and researchers who address abortion stigma and its negative outcomes through their work and campaigns.


They have a number of free tools, webinars and resources on their website. 

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Abortion, with love podcast

Created and hosted by Camila Ochoa Mendoza, Abortion, with love is dedicated to reclaiming and reaffirming the way we talk about abortions. Guests are international and a variety of topics are covered including, trans-inclusive abortion care, the importance of storytelling, increasing accessibility in restrictive settings, education and the importance of emotional support. 

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Trans-inclusive abortion care

A.J Lowik is a researcher, lecturer and inclusion consultant whose work focuses on trans people’s lives and health. In 2018 they were asked to create a resource for abortion providers on how to be trans-inclusive. This useful resource can be found free to download on their website. 

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The Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS)

A study that collated and reexamined data from a decade of studies on abortion in the UK. Their work addresses abortion stigma and considers how to move the conversation on from stigma to normalisation.

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