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Other Support Services

Whatever your needs at this stage in your abortion journey, here are a few resources from trusted organisations and charities to support you.

Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice (FVRJ)

FVRJ is an initiative started by people from different Christian denominations in Northern Ireland. They are open to members of all religious communities whose faith has led them to support safe abortion access as a necessary part of society. They are interested in supporting faith communities to provide non-judgemental, all-options pastoral support to people with current or previous experiences of reproductive choices. FVRJ advocate publicly for free, safe, legal abortion access in Northern Ireland and an end to abortion stigma.

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There are more faith-based pro-choice organisations who campaign for rights, but do not provide care. They are:

Catholics for Choice

Based in the US, but working internationally, CfC believes that reproductive freedom is a Catholic social justice value. They work to dismantle religiously-based obstructions to abortion care, contraceptive access and other reproductive healthcare. 

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Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

RCRC is a US-based interfaith movement that brings the moral force of religion to protect and advance reproductive health, choice, rights and justice through education, pastoral care and advocacy.

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