Abortion Talk

Abortion Talk is a new charity offering the opportunity to talk about abortion.

We seek to challenge the negative impact stigma can have on those who’ve had or are considering having an abortion as well as those who provide abortions. We’re offering safe, non-judgemental spaces to talk, a support line for one to one conversations and workshops for groups.


Abortion Talk supports access to safe, legal abortion as essential health care, and as a human right.


What we do

Abortion Talk provides opportunities for any person emotionally affected by abortion to talk about their experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

The charity will:

  • Provide tailored support and space for discussion for people affected by abortion via a free helpline

  • Provide and signpost online resources which challenge abortion stigma in society and offer information and support

  • Deliver provider support workshops for professionals involved in abortion care

  • Deliver values clarification training for healthcare professionals and anyone affected by abortion to explore their own and others’ beliefs around abortion


The need for the work

Abortion is one of the most common procedures provided in the UK, but is still sometimes talked about as if it is unusual or even shameful. This abortion stigma may prevent people discussing it in ways that are helpful for them.

The Abortion Talk charity is an outcome of discussions with healthcare professionals through Doctors for Choice UK, and is informed by the Sexuality and Abortion Stigma Study (SASS) and the

My Body My Life abortion story-telling project.


Who is affected by abortion stigma?

Many of those who have abortions do not need or seek support afterwards. However, some people who have had an abortion may feel they can’t or shouldn’t talk about it and would benefit from the opportunity to share their experience and feelings.

Abortion providers are conscientiously committed to making abortion accessible. However, they are also exposed to negative narratives about abortion in everyday life. They bring their own experiences and values to the work, and may work with colleagues with a range of different views on abortion. This charity was established partly in response to their expressed need for more opportunities to discuss and share their own experience and feelings about providing abortion in this context.


Finally, other health care workers may struggle with their values and role when they encounter patients having an abortion, and may welcome the opportunity to talk about this in the supportive and non-judgmental environment this charity will provide.